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Another company under Abec 11 Longboard Wheels. Retro Longboard Wheels have great cruising, downhill, and sliding wheels. They are most well know for the Retro BertZ 60mm Longboard Wheels which made an appearance in the movie Lords of Dog Town. But they also make great wheels like the Retro Skateboard Wheels - 70mm ZigZags Red (78a) for cruising or downhill.These wheels are as Retro as it gets! The Retro formula compared to the Abec 11 Classic formula give you vastly different rides. The longboard wheels Retro formula tends to last longer and feel harder than the Classic Formula. They have a more even wear pattern, a longer life, and a faster roll speed. The Classic Formula wheels on the other hand have a much softer, smoother ride, with a more controlled slide than the Retro Wheels. Shop for longboard wheels and trucks today!

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