Retro FreeRide 72mm Yellow Longboard Wheels - Durometer 83a

Retro FreeRide 72mm Orange Longboard Wheels - Durometer 83a
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Additional Info


The Retro Freeride is Chris Chaput's newest wheel. The old 'Fishballs' are the new Retro Freeride. Available in lime (80a), lemon (83a) and orange (86a) Retro Reflex urethanes.

"The FreeRide's not supposed to have this much traction - but it does. Yet when it comes time to throw them into a slide, they submit. They give you no lip - no idle chatter. They just drift until you're ready to hook back up, which they do as smooth as butter. Speed? Hell, yes! The 72mm size provides a great balance between "quick" and "fast". There is sweet spot in the all-around wheel category, and the FreeRide is it."

  • Carving, Cruising, Downhill, and bigger longboards
  • Hub Setting: Offset
  • Contact Patch: 32mm
  • Hub: 35mm
  • Depth of Urethane: 18.5mm
  • Round / Radiused Lip
SKU 72Freeride-83a
Brand Retro
Wheel Diameter 72mm
Wheel Durometer 83a
Wheel Color Yellow