Sector 9 Slick Shoes Longboard Wheels - 71mm 78a

Sector 9 Slick Shoes 71mm 78a Longboard Wheels

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Sector 9

Additional Info

Additional Info

Description Sector 9 Slick Shoes 71mm / 78a Shredthane Longboard Wheels. Sector 9 Team Tests have found this wheels combination of durability, roll speed, and slick slides on all types of pavement are unmatched. They are Slick and allow for excellent sideways slides. The "side set" makes initiating slides easy and the rounder inner and outer edges go all the way down to the core - reducing hang ups on cracks and giving consistent slides.
SKU 71st784
Brand Sector 9
Wheel Diameter 71mm
Wheel Durometer 78a
Contact Patch 31mm
Wheel Hub Off Set
Edge Round LIp
Wheel Color White
Ride Great choice for larger double kick boards