Volante Longboard Wheels

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What happens when a truck company and a longboard company mate? Well in this case beautiful little baby wheels are formed. Comet Skateboards and Caliber Trucks got together to make beautiful, downhill, slide happy wheels. Volante Longboard Wheelsare designed with downhill in mind. Their Volante Serrata 72mm Freeride Skateboard Wheels are the ideal downhill bombing wheel. With a strong vented core for speed and soft lips for grip. The Volante Checker 68mm Freeride Skateboard Wheels are the ideal downhill sliding wheel. They give you a very smooth and controlled slide but also leaves great big thane lines. And finally the Volante Liam Morgan 70mm Longboard Wheels are the perfect middle ground. They are a wheel that can handle high speed bombing but is ready to kick out into a slide at any minute. Feel the sensation and grab your set today.

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