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Longboards come in many different shapes and sizes. There are longboard deck shapes for Downhill like the Drop Deck Boards or the Double Drop Boards. There are also boards for Freeride like the Flush Mount Boards or the Drop Through Boards. Additionally, Top Mount Boards or Kicktail Boards feature great longboard deck shapes for cruising. Although not set in stone, types of longboards and their longboard deck shapes determine the style of riding. Boards in multiple categories can be used for multiple purposes. Snag the board you think is best for you and experiment with multiple options. 

Drop Deck - When the board has a physical drop in it. The drop is usually present around the truck area. These types of longboards sit extremely low to the ground and provide for maximum stability. Ideal for high speed downhill racing at 40mph+. Great for those who fear the speed wobble.

Double Drop Deck - The deck is dropped like a regular drop deck, but the board also has a drop through feature sitting it even lower to the ground. These types of longboards usually do not have as much drop as s regular drop deck so they are ideal for downhill or freeriding. Still a high speed beast.

Drop Through Deck - Some longboard deck shapes have a feature called Drop Through. Drop through means the trucks are mounted on the top of the board and they fall through the bottom of the deck. This sits a board lower than usual providing for added stability. The lower board also makes it easier to push, ride, and balance. These types of longboards are great for cruising. Some of the more aggressive ones are also good for downhill freeride.

Flush Mount Deck - The Flush Mount feature is most commonly found in top mount freeride boards with lots of concave. Freeride is the act of bombing hills and drifiting sideways like on a snowboard. When a board has an excessive amount of concave it will change the degree angle of the truck and effect your ride. That is eliminated with the Flush Mount feature, providing for a more stable, controlled, and true ride.

Kicktail Decks - Have a kick tail. A tail in the back, sometimes even a nose. These tails can be used for popping off of curbs, ollieing over obstacles, or just general mess around tricks.

Top Mount Decks - The most common design. Top Mount simple means the trucks are just mounted to the bottom of the board with no special features or exceptions. Like normal.

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