Arbor Prodigy 38 Longboard Deck

Arbor Prodigy 38 Longboard Deck
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The Prodigy employs a range of technology to achieve unprecedented performance. This powerful design has 1/4" drop, 5/8" of rocker, and a mellow "W" concave profile. Expect the leverage and lock needed to stay in your tuck through turns and keep critical levels of speed. This board is a downhill machine. With its micro drop you get added pockets for stability and foot placement of slides. The mellow "W" concave lets you know where your feet are at all times so you don't need to check your foot placement. An ideal board for going fast and staying in control.

Brand Arbor
Griptape Deck Comes Gripped
Length 38"
Construction 3 maple thick plies, sandwiched between 2 maple control plies and 4 layers of fiberglass, with our premium wood base