Metro Motion 70mm Longboard Wheels - Durometer 82a Green

Metro Motion 70mm Longboard Wheels - Durometer 82a
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Additional Info

Additional Info


The Metro Motion wheel features a center set bearing seat allowing the rider to rotate wheels at the first sign of wear, thus providing longer life from your wheel. The riding surface has been stone ground, meaning these wheels are ready to go from the start! You are guaranteed 100% predictability from day one and getting sideways will never feel the same again after riding on the Metro Motion. These wheels provide for a consistent, smooth, buttery slide. They have a consistent wear pattern and a predictable, controllable slide. They also just so happen to leave thane lines in their wake, so you can boast to your friends about how long your slides were and how awesome they felt.

  • Freeride
  • Hub Setting: Center Set
  • Round Lip
Brand Metro
Wheel Diameter 70mm
Wheel Durometer 82a
Wheel Color Green