Nixon Watch Technology


Nixon watches utilize a wide variety of materials in their design ensuring a style of watch for everyone


Acetate is a highly stylized plastic that offers designers a wide range of color options that are extremely vivid and varied. The material is handmade in Italy by layering different colors of plastic together to achieve the desired effect.

Stainless Steel:

Nixon watches utilize industry leading high quality stainless steel in the construction of their watch faces and bands. The Stainless is built to last, take color well, and resist scratching in normal wear and tear type situations. Nixon has become well known for the diverse styles, looks, and colors of their stainless steel watches.

Horween Leather:

The Horween Leather used in some Nixon watch bands comes from the oldest family run leather processing plant in the United States. Horween is the same company that processes and makes the leather used in footballs and basketballs by the NFL and NBA respectively, so you know it is of the highest quality. When Nixon added Horween Leather to their watch line-up, they knew it meant bringing a higher level of sophistication to their products.

Rubber / Silicone / PU:

Nixon also offers a wide variety of rubberised bands for any sporting situation. From the Unit to the Supertide they have you covered with high quality, durable, rubberized watches for any situation.


A chronograph watch is an analog watch that features several extra dials most often to be used as a stopwatch. However, in recent years many chronograph watches have begun utilizing the extra dials for other features such as date,, tide, and in some cases strictly for style. Nixon features a number of watches with chronograph displays such as the 51-30 Chrono or the Sentry Chrono.


Analog Watches are watches that have hands on the face rather than a digital display. These watches feature classic good looks, but also high quality movements that mean you will be on time, all the time.


Nixon is a company founded on the waves of Southern California. So, it only makes sense that  number of their watches offer tide tracking capabilities so you always know know when to hit the water no matter where you are. For example, the SuperTide has the tide schedule for over 250 of the world’s top surf spots pre-programed through the year 2023.


You’ll notice that a number of the Nixon watches have numerical names such as the 42-20. This number naming system is meant to give you a better understanding of the size of the watch you are looking at. In this instance the 42 is in reference to the diameter of the watch face in millimeters and the 20 references the height of the watch face when observed from the side.