RAD Glide 70mm Red Longboard Wheels - Durometer 80a

RAD Glide 70mm Red Longboard Wheels - Durometer 80a
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Additional Info


RAD Glide 70mm 80a Red Longboard Wheels are a fantastic option for most downhill freeriders. These wheels are built to slide. They have rounded edges which help them glide across the asphalt. Slipping and sliding better than freshly waxed floors. The RAD Glide wheels will give you smooth controlled slides with a even wear pattern all the way down to the core. The large core adds to the wheels quick roll speed and predictability when sliding. For the avid freerider, a wheel like this is a must have in your arsenal.

SKU R7080124
Brand RAD
Wheel Diameter 70mm
Wheel Durometer 80a
Wheel Width -
Contact Patch 30mm
Wheel Hub Off Set
Edge Round LIp
Wheel Color Red