Ray-Ban Sunglass Technology

Minimal Distortion:

Lenses are shaped with diamond tipped tools to ensure precise cuts that eliminate distortion and give you the clearest optics. Period.

Eye Protection

Every pair of Ray Ban sunglasses provides protection from UVA, UVB, and harmful Blue Light Rays, as a standard feature.


Every pair of Ray Ban lenses goes through a chemical hardening process that gives them 100% more resilient to impacts than standard lenses. This process also makes Ray Ban lenses 12x more scratch resistance than standard lenses and ensures they exceed international standards.


Everything around you is a reflective surface in some way. You know what that means? It means that light is bouncing around and attacking your eyes from all angles. But not to worry, Ray Ban polarization takes care of the problem, by cutting down on random light waves. This gives you crisper optics and better viewing. After 70+ years of innovation and testing, Ray Ban can now cut down on up to 99% of that reflected light.

Lens Types

G-15: The G-15 lenses by Ray Van absorb up to 85% of the visible light and blocking nearly all of the blue light. This in turn gives you better clarity of vision and better color contrast. After all, sunglasses are meant to do more than just look cool.


The Brown lenses from Ray Ban give you the same great crisp optics of the green G-15 series, but are optimized for lower light conditions.


Ray Ban developed a mirror coating process all its own. In doing so they’ve created a series of mirrored lenses that are unrivaled in durability and performance. At the end of the day, lots of science was used, and they created something awesome.