Black Diamond Sports X Rollerblade 100mm / 85A Hydrogen Wheels - 8 Pack

BDS X Rollerblade Hydrogen 100mm / 85A Wheels 8 Pack
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Additional Info

Additional Info


Check out the newest collaboration between Black Diamond Sports and Rollerblade, the Rollerblade X Black Diamond Hydrogen 100mm / 85A Wheels in 8 Pack. These 100mm outdoor wheels are comfortable and durable. They fit snugly between soft and hard providing you with a wheel that easily rolls over bumps, cracks, small rocks, etc. but also has a fast roll speed and a long life. If you can fit the 100mm wheels on your skates, these are a fantastic option! These wheels work best with Tempest 100 or Tempest 100 W Rollerblade Inline Skates. They are long lasting, fast, and comfortable. The 3 main essentials of any inline skate wheel. 

SKU BDS-Hydrogen-100
Diameter 100mm
Durometer 85a
Brand Rollerblade
Tech Specs
  • Black Diamond Sports X Rollerblade
  • Proprietary urethane formula
  • Scooped cores
  • Hub integration combine for optimal resilience, roll and rebound
  • The urethane has more grip
  • Longevity and reduces vibration
  • The core is strategically designed to add flex for more power and energy into the stride
  • Bonded together so the hub properly supports the urethane for consistent performance, speed, cornering and momentum with less effort
Wheel Color White