Sector 9 Apex Gloves - BLK

Sector 9 Apex Gloves - BLK

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Sector 9

Additional Info

Additional Info


Sleek, stylish, comfortable, and functional. Fits like a glove. What more could you ask for? The Sector 9 Apex Slide Gloves are made up of 50% Synthetic Leather, 10% Polyester/,10% Neoprene, 15% Spandex/, and 15% Other Material. These gloves are extremely durable and functional. With Delrin 9 Ball Pucks they have a long life and an even wear. Something to look out for in a slide glove is their ability to dampen impact on the wrist. These gloves have a 3mm Anti-vibration foam on palm which helps with hard impacts or abrasions. High-Density Grip Print on Fingers makes it easy to switch from downhill sliding to cruising commuting. The grip makes for holding the board with gloves a lot easier. ThumbTerry moisture wicking panel for sweat dampening or weather protection. Velcro Closure to keep the gloves secure on your wrists.

Currently available in two sizes - S/M, L/XL

Brand Sector 9
Tech Specs


  • 50% Synthetic Leather
  • 10% Polyester
  • 10% Neoprene
  • 15% Spandex
  • 15% Other Material



  • 3mm Anti-vibration foam on palm 
  • High-Density Grip Print on Fingers 
  • ThumbTerry moisture wicking panel
  • Velcro Closure