Adidas Skateboard Shoes

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Dude, say what you will, but Adidas is so much more than just a soccer (futbol?) company. They create some of the most innovative high tech shoes out there. So when it was time for a real shoe design challenge, Adidas turned to Skateboarding and Adidas skateboard shoes were born. No one, and I mean no one can deconstruct a pair of shoes as quick as a skateboarder throwing down treflips all afternoon at the skatepark.

Adidas put their engineers to work trying to design Adidas skating shoes that would not only hold up to the brutal conditions pro skaters like Busenitz and Gonzalez will throw at them, but also look good for everyday wear.

From Adidas Seeley skate shoes to the Adidas Busenitz series, we have something for you. Adidas skateboard shoes have hardcore grippy gum soles, high-quality leather and Geofit technology that have all come together to cradle your feet on the regular! Keep yourself looking good from the skate park to a date with your girl with our Adidas skating shoes.