DC Skateboard Shoes

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DC is no stranger to skateboarding and what it is to be a company defined by Skateboarding. Since they first emerged on the scene in 1994 DC has been a mover and shaker in the Skate industry quickly growing to be one of the top shoe brands out there. As tastes, styles, and technology has evolved DC has constantly been on the forefront of adapting to the wants and needs of skaters around the world.

Since those early days, DC has grown to be an international powerhouse in the action sports industry focusing not only on skate shoes but also snowboard boots, clothing, and so much more.

DC has one of the most stacked pro skate teams in the industry with the likes of Mikey Taylor, Chris Cole, Mike Mo, and so many more rocking these shoes on a daily basis. If DC skateboard shoes are good enough for arguably one of the best street skaters of all time, Nyjah Huston, then you know they’re good enough for you.

The DC skating shoes line-up not only features high quality super suede and vulcanized soles, but also some proprietary tricks that DC has cooked up for skaters just like you. Technology like the Duallite midsoles that give your feet the support they need, or the new Super Stitch to keep your kicks from being shredded to pieces.

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