Rainbow Sandals

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Check out our collection of Rainbow sandals for sale! Rainbow sandals are iconic in the world of Surfing and renowned for the high quality materials. Lesser known is the fact that a man named “Sparky” kicked things off in 1972 with $200 and a dream. His dream was to create some of the most durable, comfortable sandals around.

It took time, experimentation, and gumption, but Sparky nailed it, and today we are lucky enough to sell Rainbow brand sandals to you.

What makes Rainbow brand sandals special you ask? Well, Rainbow Sandals are built with a multi layered leather, foam, and rubber, along with some super strong glue and some hand crafted love. They break in with time and will get more and more comfortable every day you wear them.

Shop our Rainbow Sandals for sale in both mens and womens styles. 

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