Spy Sunglass Technology

Happy Lens

It’s been a long time since any company put this much thought and effort into technology that protects your eyes from the relentless attack of the sun's rays. Spy went all in with their new Happy Lens and came up with something really cool technology as a result.

We all think of the sun as being awesome and glorious, but unfortunately Mr. Golden Sun is more like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Short wave blue light and UV light rays beat your eyes up while you’re out there enjoying sunny days, but Spy’s Happy lens takes care of the problem.The Spy Happy lenses let through more long-wave blue light “good light” and keep out all the “bad light”. This causes a greater production of seratonin in your brain and puts a smile on your face! Bam! Winning!

Best of all Happy Lens comes in a bunch of colors for different applications. Check it out:

Happy Bronze

Increases contrast and color, giving you comfort in a wide range of activities.

Happy Bronze with Black Mirror

Crisp color saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sun. You know when the sun is bouncing off all that cement at the skate park.

Happy Grey Green

Takes brightness down a notch without distorting the natural colors.

Happy Bronze with Green Spectra Mirror

Soothing and awesome for nature’s blue and green environments. Think Fishing, Golf, trekking through the jungle.

Happy Rose

Special just for those low light conditions when you need crisp optics and the optimal transition of color.

Happy Bronze with blue Spectra Mirror

Top notch contrast and color in full sun conditions.