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Black Diamond Sports is an authorized dealer of Dot Dash sunglasses, Dragon sunglasses and goggles, Electric sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Smith sunglasses, Spy Optic sunglasses, and VonZipper sunglasses. This means that we have a massive selection of the latest and greatest surfing & skateboard sunglasses styles from the top sunglasses manufacturers! You can be 100% certain that all of our skateboarding & surfing sunglasses are authentic, come in the original packaging, and are backed by the manufacturer's warranty. We also offer fast, FREE shipping on all our surf and skateboard sunglasses anywhere in the world! Can't beat that, right?

With such a large array of skate sunglasses it is hard not to find something you enjoy. We have classic frames like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses or the Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses. We also have new frames and lenses such as the Smith Chromo Pop lenses series. All of the sunglasses we carry are UV A and UV B protective. We have options for polarized lenses to reduce glare and maximize visibility. Polarized surfing sunglasses will severely reduce any glare or reflection that the sun bounces off of cars, water, snow, or other reflective surfaces. We also carry color corrective lenses like the Chromo Pop, Happy Lens, Wildlife, and more. The human eye naturally blends colors together. Combining light beams red, green, blue, so on and so fort to create the colors we preserve. With color corrective lenses the reds, greens, blues, and so on are less blended together and more distinct, effectively making colors more vibrant and distinguishable. Whether it's rain, snow, shine, surf, night, or any situation we have shades that have got you covered.

We carry great vintage styles and modern styles. Big shades, round shades, square shades, red shades, blue shades. We have sunnys for any time of year or occasion. With our large array of surfing sunglasses you are sure to find one that fits your face and style preference. Whether it's big round bug eyed shades, small low profile sports shades, or classic fly by night aviator style shades. Black Diamond Sports is the place to find all of your sun glass needs. Black Diamond sports offers all of these skateboard sunglasses at affordable low price guarantee rates with free shipping within the continental United States.

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