Electric Outline Sunglasses

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Have you hear of Kelly Slater? Yeah, that dude is kinda a big deal. He has many leather bound books...I mean surfing trophies. Well Mr. Slatter has teamed up with Electric Visual to create the perfect pair of sunglasses. They took a 48% Bio-based Polyamide & Grilamid frame, grabbed some Melanin infused Polycarbonate lenses, sent all the parts to Italy and got back the Electric Outline. The result is a super light weight, environmentally friendly pair of sunglasses that blocks 100% of UV and 98% of harmful blue light. And the kicker, as if we could ask for anything more, they come in a sweet, bamboo sunglass bag. 

  • MEASUREMENT: 53mm -139mm-120mm 
  • WEIGHT: 27grams

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