Oakley Det Cord Sunglasses

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Oakley Det Cord Sunglasses are industrial strength shades for the working man. These shades are ANSI rated and approved. The American National Safety Institute, ANSI, has standards for impact resistance and Safety Glasses in the work place. The Oakley Det Cord passes these safety standards with flying colors. All Det Cord shades are ANSI rated for Z87+. That marking designates these shades to be official safety glass. Now your shades can work just as ahrd as you do. Along with the incredible impact protection offered by these shades, you also get full UV coverage protecting your eyes from the sun and any potential vision threats. The arms are safety rated too and come with a marking of UL AN/NZS 1337. These shades will keep going as long as you will. A tough shade for a tough worker.

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