Oakley Straightlink Sunglasses

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Oakley Straightlink Sunglasses the latest in the link series. There was the Mainlink and the Thinlink and now we have the Straightlink. The Oakley Straightlink Sunglasses are made for an active lifestyle. Great for the skateboarder, longboarder, skier, snowboarder, rollerblader, or any other action sports individual. Also ideal for running, biking, or pretty much any outdoor activity. The Straightlink intergrates Unobtanium to keep a secure grip on your face and head. That way they won't slide off when doing outdoor activities. Of course, just like all Oakley shades, these shades boast a plutonite lens with 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection as well as protection from harmful blue rays up to 400nm. The lenses are high velocity and high mass impact resistant to keep you protected at all times, especially during outdoor activities like skateboarding, longboarding, or rollerblading. Oakley Straightlink Sunglasses are ideal for any type of day or activity. 

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