VonZipper Cheeks Sunglasses

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Cheeks are perhaps the most fascinating feature on the human face. Just one glance and you can tell if someone is elated, suspicious, or blushing with vulnerability. Not to mention they are the perfect place to plant your lips on that special someone. In that vein, VonZipper has created the perfect pair of shades to make even the hardest of hearts swoon. These Cheeks women’s’ sunglasses offer that vintage style that exudes equal parts style and sophistication.

VonZipper Cheeks are more than just their alluring oval shape. They’re as tough as nails. Base 6 spherical lenses are made of impact resistant polycarbonate and offer 100% UV protection. their nylon grilamid frame and stainless steel optical hinges ensure that VonZipper is giving you a look that will last.

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