VonZipper Hyde Sunglasses

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There’s more to you than what others see on the surface, and VonZipper knows it. Just like these Hyde sunglasses are most definitely not for the Dr. Jekylls of the world, you refuse to let others define you. These late-1800s-vibed Hyde sunglasses exude a level of complexity and intellect that have to be worn to be fully understoodd.

Forged from hand-tooled Mazzucchelli acetate, and wielding high-quality optical metal arms and stainless steel hinges, VonZipper Hydes offer as much substance as they do style. Each pair comes with lens clip-ons and a premium case so your frames maintain their mintness. They are equipped with base 6 impact resistant CR-39 polycarbonate lenses that keep your eyes fresh and 100% UV protected.

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