Vestal Watch Technology


Analog Watches are watches that have hands on the face rather than a digital display. These watches feature classic good looks, but also high quality movements that mean you will be on time, all the time. With Vestal even an analog watch looks like a futuristic work of art and is guaranteed to stand out from the masses.


A chronograph watch is an analog watch that features several extra dials most often to be used as a stopwatch. However, in recent years many chronograph watches have begun utilizing the extra dials for other features such as date, tide, and in some cases strictly for style.


Vestal is known for breaking away from the pack, and that couldn’t be more true with the digital watches they produce. Top quality internals and radical designs come together for a very high quality and stylish watch.

Stainless Steel:

Vestal watches are made with 316L surgical grade stainless steel.