Vonzipper Sunglass Technology

VP3 Polarization

This is Von Zipper’s proprietary polarization process giving you, ultra crisp optics for bright environments. VZ creates these special lenses through a process in which polycarbonate pieces are layered to  sandwich the polarized lens. It offers 100% UV protection while also maintaining  an extremely durable, lightweight and rugged lens.

VPG Polarization

Glass lenses mean more durability and higher quality polarization. For these lenses Von Zipper opted to sandwich its polarization layer between two pieces of glass to give it the ultimate in protection and clean glare free vision. Not only that but VZ also baked in some bonus layers to protect from glare, grime, and scratches ensuring that the optical clarity of VPG glasses is second to none.

You will have zero distortion with the glass lens. But, glass is fragile. Just like when you drop a pint glass... Glass lens sunglasses can break.

VPM aka MelOptics

These are the creme de la crem of the Von Zipper eyewear line, the “MelOptics” lenses. These lenses are polycarbonate lenses infused with a layer of synthetic melanin for superior eye protection. The synthetic melanin acts as a barrier for your eyes essentially providing SPF 150 protection. This, in turn, defends your eyes from all sorts of long-term sun related damage. Additionally these lenses are polarized and have a special “high-light” cutting later that reduces the scattered blue light in the sky.

Long story short, MelOptics lenses provide you with distortion free optics with perfect color perspective. Really, the MelOptics lens is a triple threat and worth every penny.

Base 6 spherical impact resistant lenses

Ok, we’re going to keep this as simple as possible and not nerd out too much on the physics of eyewear construction. You’re here to buy sunglasses, not get a math lesson. The lower the base number the flatter the sunglasses will fit on your face. Base 6 is a great fit for flat-ish sunglasses that still have a bit of curve to them.

Base 8 spherical impact resistant lenses

If you read the above description for what Base 6 lenses are, this will be a very straight forward lesson in sunglass shape. Base 8 means they have more curve than a base 6. The higher the number, the more of a wraparound fit you get. Get it? Got it. Good.

CR39 Polycarbonate Lenses

CR39 lenses are super lightweight and durable for your viewing pleasure.

Nylon Grilamid Frames

Basically these are awesome nylon frames that offer flexibility and durability in all weather conditions. Nylon sunglass frames have been available since the 1940’s but the Grilamid variety of Nylon frames is the newest incarnation of this awesome material.

Mazzucchelli Acetate Frames

Generally speaking, acetate sunglass frames are produced by hand layering acetate colors to achieve a high-quality truly unique color profile that looks great, and goes far beyond what is available in the plastic sunglass marketplace.

But, when it comes to Mazzucchelli Acetate, you enter a whole different world of high quality material. Mazzuchelli creates their acetate plastic from a completely organic source, cotton. We know what you’re thinking. Crazy. At the end of the day, this is the highest quality acetate available in the world. Its hand-crafted in Italy, so you know you’re getting nothing but the best.

Pop n Lock Hinges

Pop n Lock Hinges!? What the heck are those. No we’re not in the 80’s and we didn’t come up with some strange name your your elbows and knees. Instead Von Zipper is cooking up some cool new sunglass hinge technology that gives you the freedom of movement you need in your sunnies, but also secure hinge placement. This way you can keep your sunglasses closed when you want.