What Every Good Boarder Needs

Whether you are just starting out or have been skating awhile here are a few recommended items we believe will make your skating a more enjoyable time.

Skateboard Tool: A “T” shaped tool that allows you to adjust any part of your board. It is a set of 3 sockets 3/8 inch for hardware, 1/2 inch for axels, and 9/16 inch for the kingpin. This tool allows you to adjust your trucks making either making them tighter or more maneuverable. It also comes in handy when you need to quickly switch out your wheels and trucks. An essential part to any skater’s arsenal. One of the latest and coolest tools on the market is the Sk8ology Carabiner

Bearing Lube: A good graphite or Teflon based lubricant is ideal for keeping you bearings rolling quickly and smoothly. Bones Speed Cream is one of the best bearing lubes. Just one drop in each bearing will get you rolling faster and smoother than before.

Slide Gloves: For those of you brave enough to attempt the vicious decent down the side of a mountain it is absolutely necessary to wear Slide Gloves. By far the easiest slide to accomplish is The Coleman slide. The Coleman slide involves having your front hand on the ground behind you as you drift your board sideways. Slide gloves help by not having the road rip the skin off of your fingers. If you want a suggestion one of our favorites is by far the Loaded Slides Gloves. We sell them more than any other brand. 

 Slide Pucks: The inside part of the Slide Glove. Although they are made to keep your hands moving smoothly on the road they will eventually wear down. Once that happens it’s time to replace them! There are several options for pucks. In our experience the pucks that have lasted the longest, slid the best, and smelled the best are the Holesom Scented Slide Pucks. Along with being very strong and slidy they also come in a multitude of scents. Using a kind of slide and sniff function, the more you slide the more they smell.